iHerb Shipping Saver – Free Shipping!

iHerb Shipping Saver – Free Shipping!

Iherb has recently added a new feature to their website. Now there is a way to get much lower shipping costs (or in some cases you can get a totally free shipping!). Works with international customers too! Here is how it works.

How the Shipping Saver works?

  1. Go to iHerb website
  2. Search with just a letter: a
  3. It will give you a list of 6000+ Shipping saver product!

Shipping Saver products will decrease the shipping cost, and even better some of these products gives you a totally free shipping!

Shipping rate varies within countries, so giving an example doesn’t help much (and the info would be out-dated soon). Pretty much the only way is to just try adding these products to your shopping cart. You can start with Shipping Saver products, and see how it affects on shipping.

Yes, it’s really confusing at first, but if you are a bargain hunter (like me). I’m pretty sure you’ll be exited about this newly introduced “Shipping Saver” category. 

Shipping saver products are marked with a box and a green text “Shipping Saver”. Here’s a screen capture from one of the products:


Follow the latest info

Iherb seems to tweak their prices and shipping costs every now and then, and to get all the latest info about the promo codes and discounts. Just check out the iherb coupon page for more details.

Iherb Promo Code 2017 

Personal has been removed, and here is how the coupons works for now on

Best working coupon for 1st time customers – Works in every available country:

Click here to add coupon WELCOME5 to your iHerb shopping cart (receive 5 dollar discount!)

Best deals and coupons for old customers – In every available country:

 Visit iHerb Specials page – The Best place for deals!


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