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Blog: Best Playstation 4 Games For Kids – December Edition

Gaming consoles have evolved quite a lot, and even though nowadays not only kids play games, but adults do that as well, still the children are those that spend most of the time in front of a console, and this is why purchasing a console (or two) and appropriate games for them is indeed necessary. And since the PS4 is one of the best consoles for kids thanks to its wide variety of games, we have created a list of the best Sony Playstation 4 games that your kid can play right now!

1. Lego Marvel Superheroes


Kids love LEGO and superheroes, so the best way to have even more fun is to combine them together in a game. This title provides everything that a kid needs from a Playstation 4 game, as it’s educational, a lot of fun, and with a large open world that you can explore at your own page. No matter the age of your kid, this game will be more than suitable for it since it doesn’t include any violence!

2. Angry Birds Star Wars


A funny game with birds that’s not violent at all, instead this is highly amusing. The PS4 version comes with high resolution graphics and it’s definitely a great choice for all that are fans of the series! With some funny lightsaber, humorous laughs and numerous other perks, this title is a great choice for kids!

3. Worms Battlegrounds


These funny, silly worms are great to control and the gameplay is amazing as well. The ability to engage in full battles with your family is definitely astonishing, and this is where the game manages to shine! It’s neatly designed, and with enough content and potential to keep your kid happy for a very long time, so it’s well worth the investment!

4. Minecraft


Minecraft is an endless fun for kids. Anyone who likes Legos, likes this game. Minecraft can be played with multiple playing styles. Puts creativity in great use. Surely a game that both kids and adults enjoy. Only downside is that this game is really addictive. So, make sure that kids gets their share of this game. This game can be found from many gift wish lists all over the world.

5. Skylanders Swap Force


It adds real world action figures with the virtual world, and this way it can be very fun for kids of all ages. The game has lots of tricks, multiple character combos and a large world where kids can evolve their character and play games at their own pace, something that is very appealing and highly interesting!

6. Tiny Brains


Tiny Brains manages to add some simple, funny puzzles that are aimed towards cooperation and having fun. The characters in Tiny Brains are highly amusing and each one of them comes with a special move and numerous abilities, so re-playability and cooperation is a must! Puzzles are good for all-ages too!

7. Octodad


This is a game where kids can control an octopus man that explores the world in an effort to understanding. The challenge here is to move the octopus in the real world, and this way kids learn a lot about these magnificent creatures as well.

8. Escape Plan


This is a game for intelligent kids that want more challenge as they play. It allows kids to fully understand numerous mechanics from the real world and solve some great puzzles too!
All games included in this list are suitable for all ages, so no matter what your kids want to play, you can rest assured that there’s something for everyone here. From titles that encourage exploration to puzzles and brawlers, these amazing PS4 games will enable your kid to have a lot of fun while at home, so we encourage you to check them out right away!

9. Knack


A funny beat em up game, this is a title where you control a mechanical warrior with the sole purpose of becoming stronger. It has a few puzzles but kids can easily solve them, and this is why Knack is a great choice. Of course, there is no gore, instead you get cleverly designed, beautiful environment and numerous fun locations to choose from.


Even thought that the PS4 gaming console haven’t been on the market for a long time, there’s still nice amount of quality games for kids (7 and under). I’m sure I have left some of your favorites out of the list. Feel free to comment about what’s on your Playstation 4 game list for kids.

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