Best iHerb Products 2017 – Part 3

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My Favorites and Recommended Products – Part 3 of What to Buy

Black Friday is soon here and the year 2018 is also knocking at your door. There’s still time add one more blog post about recommended iherb products. I don’t know why it always take so long to update my blog about my iherb favorite products or any other things. Finally we have entered a part 3 of the series.

In 2018 I need to find some new things to try out. Over the years I have reviewed hundreds and hundreds of supplements, protein bars, instant coffees etc. I have spend thousands of dollars, but also saved hundreds of dollars buying various things from iHerb. 

Why do I create these lists? Iherb has a really wide selection of things to buy. Usually the top products list is the pretty much the same every year, and I love to try out some less known products, instead always the same. If you are wondering what to buy, then you came to right place.

Here’s more favorites from iHerb’s selection. List is not in best of order.


Works with existing customers too!


E.L.F –  ELF Makeup

I think I have mentioned certain products by E.L.F before. Why should men care about these products? I’ll tell you why; Makeups by ELF will keep your wife/girlfriend happy, animals happy, and best of all…It will keep your wallet happy! My wife asked few years back, if iHerb carries any makeups, and that is how we first discovered this brand. Really cheap and high quality makeup line. Yes, there are more organic/natural products out there, but I’m sure when you check ELF out, you won’t regret it. Many E.L.F products are also Shipping Saver products! Reducing the shipping cost of your order! Like I said, it will keep your wallet happy!

Go to iHerb’s ELF brand page

Starwest Botanicals, Organic Curry Powder


Looking for spices? Starwest Botanicals offer wide range of organic spices in large bags. We eat plenty of curry flavored food (plenty of health benefits, just google it!), and buying big bags of spices saves a lot of money too. This organic version is much more cheaper than the non-organic stuff on the local supermarket. Check out the spices too.

Go to iHerb’s product page for more details

Huy Fong Foods Inc., Chili Garlic Sauce, 18 oz (510 g)

Hands down one of the best chili garlic sauces out there. There are two things I don’t like about this product. 1. You get addicted. You need a quick re-fill 2. The bottle weights a ton, so there’s not much room within the lower shipping price range. If there is a room for this, I’ll surely add this first. A must have. Not too spicy. So you’ll keep the guests happy too. I think I’ll need to order more right now!

Go to iHerb’s product page for more details


Optimum Nutrition, ZMA , 180 Capsules

Great overnight recovery with ZMA. ZMA helps you to sleep better (more restful) and keep you calm. I love the package too as it has a simple design, and pops out better on the medicine cabinet. Many of the supplements comes in a white packaging. I find the price a quality ratio really good on this one.

Go to iHerb’s product page for more details


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iHerb Free Shipping and Shipping Saver products:

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