iHerb Blog – Christmas Changes

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a New start for the 2018 – Blog Is Now an Iherb Blog

iherb-blog“Black Friday” got me thinking about the future of this blog. Over the years I have thought about changing blog’s niche to iherb. Focus of the blog has changed towards this over the years. First I started to write about music, SEO and other topics. When Playstation 4 was released this blog focused mostly on Playstation 4, but I felt too much pressure with the blog when it was various topics. I felt like I had to serve everybody.

Iherb – Everything You need to know

As for now this, this blog only focuses on iHerb. Here’s list of what info you will find from this blog.

Iherb Coupon – Sharing info about promo codes

Iherb coupons doesn’t always remain the same. I will do my best to share all the latest changes about the coupons. Currently the coupon YUY952 gives 5% rewards for new and existing customers. Follow the latest changes on iherb coupon page.

Iherb Recommendations and favorites

I will continue to write about my favorite products over the years. These has been popular blog posts over the years. I’m trying to add a new topic every now and then. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Shipping Saver | Free Shipping

Shipping Saver can give a totally free shipping, even if you are an international customer. Customers from USA can get a free shipping when your order is valued over 49 dollars (this can always change). More about Shipping saver here.

Black Friday | Christmas Sale | Cyber Monday | Thanksgiving SAle

Whenever there’s a new deal, I will share all the latest deals and offers on this blog. Also on my Facebook page.

Iherb Paypal

One of the payments methods that iherb finally carries. More about iherb from iherb coupon page.