Bob Dylan: Masters Of War (The Avener Rework) Review

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Bob Dylan: Masters Of War (The Avener Rework) | Review

When it comes to pop & rock music remixes, I have to admit I’m not a huge fan. For some reason, in Hip Hop/Rap world remixes are usually better than the released album versions.

French deep house and electro music producer Avener (Tristan Casara) has big balls to fork Bob Dylan’s classic track Masters of War from the album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963). I was sure that the result would be disastrous, but it’s the total opposite. New remix adds more depth to this classic. Strong lyrical content is backed with this big “war” drums. I have played this on repeat multiple times.  Even the lyric video is pretty cool, and I’m not a big fan of lyric videos.

Hopefully The Avener Rework of Masters of War introduces Bob Dylan to the new generation. I’d be happy to hear this on radio waves too. I stumbled upon this remix just by scrolling down Bob Dylan releases on Spotify. Now I’m glad I did. Even Avener’s Wikipedia page fails to mention about this remix.

Apparently this track was part of the Predator (2018) movie. You’ll see the lyrics in new light. A perfect fit to the film.

Available on streaming music services and as a 7″ vinyl single.

PS. I keep wondering, if something similar can be done to the early Bruce Springsteen tracks. My choice would be Lost in the Flood. It could use a more explosive backing track.

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