Bruce Springsteen Prove It All Night: Largo 1978 (Blu-ray)

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Bruce Springsteen – Prove It All Night Video from Capital Center, Largo, MD – August 15, 1978

I can’t believe it. My Bruce Springsteen YouTube channel has a video that has over 500 000 views! and the whole video started as a joke. What makes it a joke? Because it’s not really taken from a Blu-ray source. It’s been remastered to “death” by me. If it would taken from the master copy, it would look 10x better, and the sound would be better too. I’ve simply just wanted to give the Bruce & Co an idea how there is this great unreleased show available, and it would look great on Blu-ray (well, 500k views proves the point that there is a demand for the release?) Maybe one day it will get an official release date. Who doesn’t? Remastered master copy would look superb!

Prove It All Night video from Largo is one of my all time favorites.

How did I Remaster the Video & Audio?

I did remove a lot of  video noise. YouTube killed all the fine details, so there is not much comparison to give, and I don’t have the original files any more.  It was taken from one of the circulating DVDs and run with multiple filters: sharpening, color correction, noise removal… I did dozens of different renders until I was happy with it. Sadly the YouTube encoding is not the best, and I wish I’d still have the raw output material. Original video was not in high resolution, so I converted it to Blu-ray resolution. Even VHS sourced videos looks many times better on YouTube when upscaled to 1080p, before uploading. 1080p simply adds better encoding by Youtube, meaning there is a less quality loss added by YouTube. If I would render this today, I would use 4k resolution. It was simply not available 6 years ago. Only thing I regret is that the picture went little too dark. :(

Sound was good to begin with, but it was a little dry. The guitar solo is bigger than the life. I wanted the sound to be bigger than life too. If you listen with headphones you’ll notice the difference. I’m really proud about the upgraded sound, and wish I’d had the whole concert with the same quality. I’ve been doing audio remastering as a hobby for 18 years.

Blu-ray | Download Link and more

People keep asking me about this Blu-ray regularly, and I’m sorry to say that this is all there is, and I don’t hold any sort of Blu-ray of this show. I don’t think I have the original source files either.

I wish I could have more focus and strength in my life (currently struggling with depression), and I could bring more videos to my YouTube account, but maybe one day you’ll see more videos. I’m glad I get this blog back and running. It was a huge step! Good therapy to write something down.

Now I need to find my YouTube account details, so I can upgrade the original video info.

Please do not ask me where to download this show. I have no idea, it’s been way too long since I downloaded the original torrent.

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PS. I live in Finland, and I’m not a writer. My English teacher told I was a hopeless case.  I’ll do my best with each blog post. Thanks to spellchecker I can fix most of the errors. I’ve learned my English from music, movies and from video games.

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