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AI Upscaling Will Change The Future of Bootlegs…

AI (Artificial intelligence) is a game changer when it comes to “bootleg” videos. There’s no reason to edit old videos without it anymore. Results are sometimes simply stunning. Downside is…You need a powerful computer to run it. When I mean powerful, even the fastest PCs are too slow. It’s that heavy. Even with the bugs, slow performance, and problems with audio tracks. It’s still a game changer, and that might be an understatement.

I’m using Topaz Lab Video Enhancer AI that I bought during Black Friday sale. Just to notice it’s cheaper now… bummed. Get the Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI via this link (free full trial)

Check out this example (both screenshots are from YouTube to make the comparison fair). First it looks just to be sharper. Then focus on the hand. Mind blown! 

Of course the 4K original I have on my hard drive is even better than the compressed one on YouTube. This is the only video I’ve done from this concert. Because it take a few days to get everything right, and my PC is slow (i7, 16 RAM, 960GTX). 

I only suggest getting the Video Enhance AI, if you are willing to learn more about video editing. It’s just an asset. You need to learn proper deinterlacing (QTGMC is the only way to go) before using it, and also with old concert footage to convert video to constant frame rate, otherwise the audio won’t sync. Also having a video editor helps.

I also a did another Zeppelin (I did this one first), just to discover that I could have used a better DVD source:

but still the improvement is impressive. 

Good news is that I finally ordered some PC parts, and most likely able to assemble my new PC in late January. Because 5900x is hard to get. :)

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