Led Zeppelin Videos AI Enhanced

AI Upscaling Will Change The Future of Bootlegs… AI (Artificial intelligence) is a game changer when it comes to “bootleg” videos. There’s no reason to edit old videos without it anymore. Results are sometimes simply stunning. Downside is…You need a powerful computer to run it. When I mean powerful, even the fastest PCs are too slow. It’s that heavy. Even

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Music news: New Spotify Countries + Led Zeppelin!

Music news: New Spotify Countries + Led Zeppelin! Spotify launched today in 20 new countries. Now there are total of 55 counties where Spotify music service is available. For me the biggest news is that finally we’ll see some Led Zeppelin within the service! We’re releasing two albums per day this week, starting today with Led Zeppelin and its almighty

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Seasick Steve – Hubcap Music – New album!

Seasick Steve’s new album “Hubcap Music” is now available to pre-order! Seasick Steve just released a teaser from the upcoming album called “Hubcap Music”: What you can tell from this clip? If you ask from me: If you liked the previous Seasick Steve albums, you’ll gonna love this too. There’s always more room for great new blues records! – Some

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