My First Real Headphones – GRADO SR80

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Review of Grado SR80’s – 25 Years Later

I’m a bit skeptical about reviews I read from tech sites these days. Usually they get the products either for free, or the test period is just too short to get everything down, and sometimes those “reviews” are closer to a marketing brochure.  Let me tell you something about my headphones. I’m talking about Grado SR-80’s.

25 years ago I bought headphones with the money I got from my first summer job. Grado SR80’s were my first purchase. I recently discovered those headphones from our garage, and I was curious to see if they still work. I used them daily for many hours, maybe for 15 years in a row. They still make the same headphone series. Still looking identical (maybe not the greatest looking headphones), but oh boy, after 25 years they still absolutely sound beautiful. Sound stage is amazing. I can listen music for much longer period of time without my ears getting weary. Natural sound with a great clarity. I paid around 595 Finnish Marks (with current inflation rate, that would be something like 150 euros.)

Today, I sell electronic home appliances, including Bluetooth headphones (JBL, Bose..) and none of them that cost under 300 dollars doesn’t come even close to these. Yes, the Grado SR-80’s doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection, and they still have a wire. But I fell in love with the music again. I don’t know why I sold my soul to wireless headphones.  One thing is certain. Next step is to buy Grado grado RS2e, once we get the solar panels. Those headphones are going to be my first treat. Simply because good headphones offers more to me than speakers. With speakers I would have to invest much more. Never judge the headphones by how they’ll look. I’m gonna keep using my SR80’s for now on…

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Here’s how my headphones looks after 25 years:

Yes, they have seen better times. Text has faded, and the tips at top of the rail has been replaced (I used clear plastic covers from an optical cable, those fitted perfectly! Pro tip for those who have lost those little black plastic things!) Also the cushions has been replaced over the years. Still 25 years…unbelievable!

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