E Street Shuffle VS Monkey Time

Story Behind the Bruce Springsteen Song “E Street Shuffle” It’s no secret that the song “E Street Shuffle” is based on Major Lance’s “Monkey Time”. I’m pretty sure I have read about it before, BUT due my to laziness, I have never bothered to search out more. The song is written by the R&B legend Curtis Mayfield. It was first

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Bruce Springsteen & George Lucas

Bruce Springsteen, the George Lucas of Music

Two perfectionists – George Lucas and Bruce Springsteen I’m a big fan of demos, unreleased takes, unreleased songs etc. When my favorite artists has a new anniversary/remastered edition coming with bonus track, those are the day one purchases for me. Golden era of CD releases has however passed. Live recordings and new remasters aren’t goldmines to record companies anymore. I’m

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