Why I Don’t Respect Donald Trump

 Political World | Badlands Blog After each tweet Donald Trump sends, my hopelessness raises. There can’t be a real person behind those tweets. There can’t be anyone that cold. Call this a poem, call this as an open letter… Here’s why I don’t respect Donald Trump. To get Respect You must earn your respect I’m not talking about money Money

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50% OFF from Concert Downloads Black Friday/Holiday Sale Every Bruce Springsteen website and blog are pointing out the Nugs’ Black Friday deal “50% OFF from Downloads and 25% OFF from CDs), but did you know that the deal also includes many other artists & bands? Like Dead and Company, Pearl Jam, Phish, Metallica, Jerry Garcia, John Fogerty…and more. Offer valid between November 21-26 See

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iHerb Black Friday Coupon

2019 iHerb Coupon Code: Yep, It’s that time again. Black Friday is here. Iherb offers a week long campaign for this Black Friday. By using using the code YUY952 via this link. You’ll find the latest discounts and the coupon gets added automatically! Black Friday week starts in November 25, 2019. Black Friday day is November 29. Coupon is valid

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Bootleg Videos & Youtube

Why Bootleg Videos Doesn’t Get Removed from the YouTube? Youtube videos is a huge business. It’s actually much bigger than one would have thought. If you are just a regular viewer, you might not know about all the “behind the scenes” stuff. Once you have set your own channel. It will reveal much more details about the whole system, and

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